About Us

The fundamental stone was put by Margaret Dorothy Vine, a business woman who was a client of two leader cleaning companies in Toronto in the 90s.

Margaret always noticed that the cleaners did not do a proper job. The cleaners did not clean all corners, did not clean underneath, did not wash dishes, and other "did nots".

Once she retired, and had more time in her hands, she decided to clean houses the proper way. Margaret knew that cleaning a house properly was not impossible and decide to jump to the house cleaning bussiness.

Margaret started training people to clean a house the proper way, her way. Cleaning all corners of the house, moving the small objects from the surfaces, and much more.

MDV started as a house cleaning company in 1999 in Toronto, Ontario, serving both Toronto and GTA area. After a year the home cleaning services was extended to London, Ingersoll, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and many other cities in Ontario.

In 2006, MDV Residential Cleaning Services (Canada) had acquired MyMaid Cleaning Services (USA). Now we also serve Miami, Forth Lauderdale, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Weston, Plantation, Boca Raton, and other parts of USA.

There are many great house cleaning service companies in Canada and USA. We are proud to be counted among them.

Despite the growth we have achieved, customers still receive the critical attention and best quality services we have been always known for.

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